The New Medigrade Fat Freezing Treatments in York

The New Medigrade Fat Freeze is a unique and non-invasive inch loss treatment that uses a combination of electro- and cryotherapy to target pockets of stubborn fat on the body. York 3D Lipo Clinic’s fat freezing treatment targets common problem areas such as the stomach, hips, love handles, lower buttocks, arms, and thighs to help you feel more confident.


How fat freezing works


I first fasten the The New Medigrade Fat Freeze handpiece onto the treatment area and activate its vacuum, bringing the treatment area into contact with the freezing technology. By lowering the temperature within the handpiece to -8 degrees, the treatment is able to crystalize the fat cells without affecting any other skin structures. Between 20% and 40% of the fat cells in the treated area are destroyed. The remaining content in the fat cells is then disposed of through the body’s lymphatic drainage system and flushed away naturally. There is no pain and no downtime, making this a very effective non-surgical body treatment.

The areas fat freezing in York treats

Body fat can be very difficult to lose naturally, especially if you work full time, have a family to support, or find it difficult to make time for diet and exercise. Even those with a balanced and active lifestyle find body fat difficult to shed, which is why The New Medigrade Fat Freezing in York is so popular. This treatment allows you to target certain areas like the stomach, ‘bingo wings’, and buttocks to lessen these pockets of fat and help you feel more confident in your body.


Fat freezing results


You can typically expect to see a change in the treated area 12 weeks after your first treatment! You may achieve your desired results after 1 treatment, though further treatments may be necessary depending on the area – I can discuss this with you at your consultation. Some of the best results are also achieved through a combination of treatments, as fat freezing removes fat and treatments like cavitation or radio frequency tighten the skin.

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The New Medigrade Advanced Technology


2 Areas £110
4 Areas £180
6 Areas £250
8 Areas £320

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