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Life long skin addict! Addicted to skin care & body care products and anything skin & body. Having worked in the beauty industry as an aesthetician for over 30 years I am committed to skincare, health, body care & beauty Using the latest Medigrade technology to deliver your desired results whatever your concerns are with your face or body. The key to great skin & body confidence is a combination of great products latest technology, good nutrition and to love yourself. Home care is so important looking & feeling great. I hope I can support you in your skincare & body transformation journey.

I’ve worked with many brands & have gained a wealth of experience I’m excited to share.
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Our  Skin and Body Treatments that aim to offer clients confidence and allow them to feel great in your own skin.

Why Choose York 3D Lipo Clinic?

3D Lipo’s advanced technology has a fantastic celebrity following because of the amazing results achieved by our non-surgical skin and body treatments. Our treatments are pain-free and no downtime, meaning you can return to your busy lifestyle as soon as possible.

Our treatments are super affordable and won’t break the bank as more traditional surgical treatments would – we offer discounted courses or you can have a one-off treatment. You can check out our special offers here.


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