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Cellulite is an extremely common skin condition, and most prevalent in women. It occurs when fat cells push against your skin, which are too large to flow through your fibres, creating a lumpy, dimpled texture, most commonly on the thighs, hips, buttocks and abdomen.

If you’re dealing with cellulite it can be a real knock to your confidence. Our 3D Shockwave cellulite removal treatment is an effective way to reduce the lumpy texture of these problem areas.

Our cellulite treatment provided by our York clinic is carried out by moving the probe up against the areas of cellulite, using radio frequency and acoustic wave therapy which stimulate the breakdown of the fat cells.

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How 3D Cellulite Reduction Works

If you’re looking for a non-evasive way to tackle your problem areas, our cellulite treatment in York is designed to let you achieve visible results in as little as 6 to 8 treatments. 
Our Shockwave cellulite technology drastically helps visibly smooth out your cellulite, reducing the appearance of bumps and dimples.
  • What is this treatment best for?

The new Medigrade Cellulite Removal treatment is best for tackling stubborn pockets of fat, and for areas that need skin tightening, which will work to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

  • What areas can be improved?

Cellulite is particularly common in the inner thigh, hips, stomach and buttocks, but this surgery-free treatment can be used on any areas of the body you are struggling with.

  •  What are the results?

Results can be seen as quickly as 2 weeks after starting the course. Exercise, increasing your water intake, and a healthy diet alongside the cellulite treatment may lead to achieving even better results.

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