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Facials are so important for our skin as it regenerates and detoxifies the skin and is also destressing.

At York 3D Lipo Clinic we have a couple of facials for you to choose from.

Regenerate & Toning Facial

This amazing facial not only regenerates lifts & tones the skin but instantly makes the skin glow. This advanced technology includes exfoliation, a peel and radio frequency for lifting the face neck & jaw area. An intensive collagen masque to finish.

Hollywood Glamour Facial

We guarantee that you have never had a facial like this before. Advanced technology for lifting & firming. An amazing setting & firming masque instantly lifts & reduces lines & wrinkles instantly. This secret formula of this masque has been around Hollywood for years and its ingredients are kept secret.

Facial Peels

Peels are used to improve & soften the texture of the skin.Gently removing the outer layers of the skin.Skin is instantly refreshed & renewed instantly.

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